Second Global Conference on Land-Ocean Connections

The Second Global Conference on Land - Ocean Connections (GLOC-2) took place October 2- 4, 2013, in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The United Nations Environment Programme and the Government of Jamaica were co-organizers of the conference, the second of its kind, and the first one convened in Latin America and the Caribbean.


The objective of this conference was to identify approaches to address current and emerging issues in the marine and coastal sector, with a focus on the three priority source categories of the Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-based Activities for 2012-2016, namely marine litter, nutrients and wastewater. The overall purpose of Conference was to emphasize the interconnectedness of activities on land and how they impact on the oceans, with a focus on pollution prevention, reduction and control, while proposing ways to address these impacts through international and, as appropriate, regional cooperation.  Specific objectives were:

  • To update on progress with implementation of the GPA Manila Declaration;
  • To showcase contribution of Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans to the implementation of the GPA Manila Declaration;
  • To identify possible policy pathways at the national level for the implementation of the GPA, including Integrated Coastal Management, and other relevant national policies; and
  • To serve as a Partnership Forum for the three Global Partnerships on marine litter, nutrients and wastewater.

Expected Outcomes

  • Agreement on measurable targets for selected source categories and regions;
  • Identification of voluntary commitments to be proposed to relevant sectors (target setting within various areas);
  • Commitment of new partners;
  • Identification of priority activities for each partnership to be implemented at global, regional and national levels;
  • Additional support and resources mobilized for the three global partnerships under the GPA.

Relevant documents:

Report of Second Global Conference on Land-Ocean Connections (GLOC-2)

GLOC-2 annexes:

Annex 1: List of participants

Annex 2: Provisional agenda

Annex 3: Speed presentations

Annex 4: Summary report of media workshop

Annex 5: Opening speech of DEPI OIC - Elizabeth Mrema

Annex 6: Address by Hon. Pickersgill, Minister of water, land, environmental and climate change - Jamaica

Annex 7: Manila Declaration progress report

Annex 8: Wastewater session agenda

Annex 9: Nutrient Management session agenda

Annex 10: Marine Litter session agenda

Annex 11: Coral Reef workshop and partnership forum agenda

Annex 12: Report of the Wastewater session

Annex 13: Report of the Marine Litter session and partnership forum

Annex 14: Report of the Nutrient session

Annex 15: Report of the Coral Reef session


Presentations are available for download in the GLOC-2 document folder here


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The venue was at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa Hotel in Montego Bay.