Global Conference on Land-Ocean Connections

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The Global Conference on Land-Ocean Connections (GLOC) was a two-day gathering of scientists, experts, policy makers and NGOs who made recommendations for the Third Intergovernmental Review (IGR-3) on the Implementation of the Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land Based Activities (GPA) that followed this conference (25-26 January 2012). This conference explored current and emerging issues that originate from land-based activities and the options to manage these issues.

Conference Objectives:
The object of this conference was to bring together scientists, experts, policy makers and NGOs to discuss current and emerging issues in the marine and coastal sector with a focus on GPA related topics. The overall purpose of Conference was:
To review policy and implementation frameworks addressing key marine and coastal issues and emerging solutions ensuring that those frameworks are:

  • Contributing effectively to the development of strengthened and resilient marine and coastal ecosystems serving coastal and upstream communities; and
  • In so doing helping to meet the new environmental resource management challenges which the international community is facing in developing –more resource efficient a lower carbon economy based on sustainable food, energy and water security and quality.

The conference provided sound science-based and objective recommendations for the IGR-3 meeting, which immediately followed the GLOC, as well as a draft key message for addressing GPA related issues and actions at Rio+20. The GLOC was structured around the proposed priority themes for the GPA: water quality (nutrients and wastewater); marine litter, and integrated coastal zone management at regional, national and sub-national levels, as a platform for mainstreaming the GPA and associated National Programmes of Action (NPAs).

Expected Outcomes
The conference transmited recommendations to the IGR-3 of the GPA related to:

  • Advancing GPA implementation by incorporating recent and emerging approaches and concepts such as the Green Economy;
  • Setting a target for improved nutrient management efficiency;
  • The scope and focus of a marine litter partnership;
  • Initiation of a wastewater partnership;
  • Maintaining and protecting the multiple benefits of ecosystem services, especially in the management of deltas;
  • Policies and actions for improved management of nutrients, wastewater and marine litter in catchments and coasts; and
  • The role of other agencies including the GEF, UN Agencies and Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans.

Target Audience
Government policy makers; Scientists; NGOs; Regional Institutions; National Institutions; Local government.The overall objective for the Conference was to review policy and implementation frameworks addressing key marine and coastal issues and help ensure those frameworks are:

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